Crimson Eyed Orchestra

Rock and Roll Trio who celebrates Psychedelic Blues, Post-Punk, and Classic Era Heavy Metal, with a modern groove.

Crimson Eyed Orchestra  "FIRST"

Small Confession Try to be Good Aurora The Sovereign

Robert Duncan - Vocals, Guitar Thomas Hyatt - Bass Jon Trochet - Drums

Guitar, Bass, and Drums Recorded at Solo Note Studios, Ypsilanti, MI, USA, on April 29th and May 6th, 2017 Engineered by Jon Trochet

All Vocals and Guitar for 'Aurora' recorded at Electrical Audio, Chicago, IL, USA, on May 23rd and May 25, 2017 Engineered by Jon San Paolo

Mixed at Electrical Audio, Chicago, IL USA, on May 23rd and May 25, 2017 by Jon San Paolo

Mastered at Abbey Road Studios, London, England, June 3 to June 5, 2017, by Sean Magee

Produced by Robert Duncan 

Copyright 2017 Robert Duncan/Crimson Sound, Ltd

The band would like to single out these Amazing People for a Special Thank You - 

Jon San Paolo, Electrical Audio Taylor Hales, Electrical Audio Steve Albini, Electrical Audio Lucy Launder, Electrical Audio Sean Magee, Abbey Road Studios David Roof, Rooftop Recordings John Dunne, Multi-Hyphened Guru Drew Herwick/Truck Dirtly, Guitar Tech(s) Jake Rhodes, Live Support Liam Duncan, Rehearsal Drums, Quality Control Josh Trochet, Quality Control Aaron Gnewiek, Security/Quality Control

And Most of All, We Thank Our Family, Friends, and Well Wishers from days past; and anyone new who wants to come along for the ride.

Equipment used to make these recordings: 

Robert Guitar Rig: Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 Guitar (Excalibur) Mesa Boogie Mark V 1X12 Combo amplifier  Effects and outboard processing: Strymon, Xotic, Digitech, Ibanez, Empress, Voodoo Labs  West Coast Pedalboards Seinnheiser MD421 Microphone  Mogami Gold and West Coast custom cables Ernie Ball Cobalt Hybrid Gauge strings  2MM Purple Dunlop Big Stubby - an extra dark (deep) purple pick was used on these recordings. It looked sinister.

Vocal Rig: Neumann U67 Microphone on everything but Small Confession, where an EV radio broadcast mic was used, and a litany of cool analog outboard processors, Neve channels, and the kitchen sink at Electrical Audio.

Thomas: Fender American Standard Jazz Bass Mesa Boogie Subway D800 amplifier  Schroeder Cabinet Effects and power by: DOD, Dr. J., Earthquaker Devices, ElectroHarmonix, Truetone

Jon: Vintage 6 Piece Red Sparkle CB700 Percussion set Zildjian cymbals Z series custom rock 16" crash  Scimitar Bronze 18" crash  ZBT 18" crash-ride Rock 21" Ride Z series custom 14" hi hat Unknown 14" splash Microphones: AKG D8000M, Realistic PZM, AKG D112 Promark Shira Kashi Oak 5B sticks

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