Crimson Eyed Orchestra

Crimson Eyed Orchestra (or CEO, because who has time for long words?) aren’t even an Orchestra at all, but are a Rock Trio formed in the Detroit Underground In 2017.


All three band members are Michigan Natives: Robert Duncan on Guitar and Vocals, Jess Zacharski on Drums, and Thomas Hyatt is ‘The Bassist.’  


CEO sounds big.  Their tunes are catchy, the groove is groovy, but intense interplay between the melodies and rhythms in powerful songs that dramatically build is their bread and butter.  They have been influenced by such legends as the Faces, Cream, Frank Zappa, The Doors, and Van Halen, to name a few. 


Crimson Eyed Orchestra’s 3rd EP titled, ‘The Jester, The Fool, and the Joker’ was recorded by Seth Morton at Blackbird Studios in Nashville, and Mastered by Howie Weinberg in Los Angeles.  The album was released in 2020.

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