Crimson Eyed Orchestra Live at Music Box, Jackson, MI

Music Box, 300 W North Street, Jackson, MI

Crimson Eyed Orchestra is back for a live performance at Jacksons newest Rock club, the Music Box! Lets shake off that quarantine, and get ready to ROCK!


Campit Presents - Jamboree at the Oaks

The Oaks, 7800 Cutler Rd, Munith, MI

Crimson Eyed Orchestra will be Headlining the kickoff day event of the Jamboree at the Oaks festival, which is a continuation of the Gooselake Jamboree Festival that goes back more than 50 year in the State of Michigan! This 3 day 'camping optional' festival focuses on bands that play Original Music, and CEO is FIRED UP about Rocking Mother Nature! More details will be available as the Festival nears, check our Facebook page for further details.

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