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Thanks to Screaming Scott and Chuck Bean at 101.1 FM WRIF Detroit for playing our song ‘The Matador!’ We are big fans of the Motor City Riffs show and it was really humbling hearing ourselves on our hometown radio station! A special moment in CEO’s history. 



We are starting to book 2021 Live shows, after a year of Quarantining!  CEO has been maintaining our well oiled Rocking Machine in our secure undisclosed location, and as the World gets ready for Live Music, we will answer the call!  

We are excited to get back to doing what we love, and can't wait to seeing all of our Rocking Friends!  Check our our Event Calendar for updated show listings.


2/22/2020 - 

3/13 In the D!  Crimson Eyed Orchestra will release their new Album, ‘The Jester, the Fool, and the Joker’ on Friday, March 13th, 2020. Recorded and mixed in Nashville at Blackbird Studios by Seth Morton, and Mastered by Howie Weinberg and Will Borza In LA.  


.2/17/20 -  

Album Update - 

We recently finished our album masters for ‘The Jester, the Fool, and the Joker.’

While we are working on release details, we’d like to give a special Detroit ‘Thank You’ to Audio Engineering Geniuses Howie Weinberg and Will Borza of Howie Weinberg Mastering studios. Those guys are the best of the best! 

Check out their sites if you wanna see some big time music business dudes being awesome. ? 

Social Media Links: 
Instagram: @howiethemaster @borzamastering 
Facebook: Howie Weinberg and Borza Mastering


12/12/19 - 

The new album is still in post, is a lil more official info:

Crimson Eyed Orchestra- The Jester, The Fool, and the Joker

Recorded and Mixed by Seth Morton at Blackbird Studios, Nashville, TN, USA

Mastered by Howie Weinberg at Howie Weinberg Mastering, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Produced by Robert Duncan

Blackbird Team:
Lead Engineer- Seth Morton
Assistant Engineer - Austin Brown
Operations Manager/Drum Tech - Paul Simmons
Client Services - Amber Gray
Accounts Manager - Blair Gallimore
Booking Manager - Rolff Zwiep

Howie Weinberg Mastering Team:
Howie Weinberg - Lead Engineer
Will Borza - Assistant Engineer

Cover Design by Robert Duncan
Album Cover Background Artwork - Savannah James
Band Photography- Leah Duncan

Crimson Eyed Orchestra is:
Jess Zacharski- Drums, Vocals
Thomas Hyatt - The Bassist
Robert Duncan - Guitar, Vocals

Tarot Cards 3:27
The Matador 4:16
Tony Danza 3:42
Left Alone 4:30
Moon Goddess 5:10
Try to be Good 3:38

Running Time: 24:43

10/13/19 - 

A Message From Your Crimson Friends -

So much craziness happened in Nashville over last week that we can’t begin to describe it all.
We were recording in a studio next to two Extremely Famous Bands working on their albums that we cannot talk about. Sorry...Let’s just say, it was super-famous people. Super Duper. Yikes. They might sue us for saying even that. Whoops.

We heard stories from engineers present inside Johnny Cash’s cabin while he was making the American Recordings. We heard a story from an eyewitness about Johnny Cash wrestling an unruly Ostrich on his ranch. Johnny was tough.

Every single person we worked with is a legendary and accomplished figure in the Nashville music machine. To say we are lucky is a profound understatement. Everything we touched was some sacred thing - Jess’ snare drum just happened to be getting played by Frank Zappa and Jeff Becks Touring Drummer of the day before we started, for example. It an endless list of crazy stuff like that. Apparently Trace Adkins is about as tall as me when positioning a microphone.

One last story - we went back to Carter Vintage Music during a lunch break on our last day, and ran into Detroit music legend Derek St. Holmes at the store.
Jess had met him before, so she told him I was screwing around in the parking lot.
So I’m rummaging around in my trunk looking for some swag to give Derek, since I heard he was in there, and he approaches me way out in the parking lot at my car, introduces himself, and just starts being one of the coolest guys I’ve ever met. He had heard we were recording at Blackbird, and just wanted to say hi and meet me. We chatted for a half hour. He was so cool. That’s how that entire trip was.

We will have further details about the new release. That’ll wait for another gigantic post. Everything is still in post production -,it’ll take a little while. Thanks for riding along on all this with us!



10/4/19 - We are pleased to share that Seth Morton will be joining us as Lead Engineer and Austin Brown as Assistant Engineer for our Blackbird Studio recording project in Nashville next week.

A Small Sampling of Seth’s recording credits include:
Buddy Guy, Bob Segar, Doobie Brothers, Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, Bon Jovi, Don Henley, Cheap Trick, Lynyrd Skynryd, Brad Paisley, Taylor Swift, Cindi Lauper, and Reba McEntire.

CEO is thrilled to Rock with Seth and Austin, and we will have something special for y’all to hear soon.


7/3/19 - Crimson Eyed Orchestra is ‘Goin’ Nashville’ in October to record at the legendary Blackbird Studio! So many wonderful recordings have been made there, we are humbled for the opportunity and can’t wait to bring a little Detroit Magic to Music City!


7/1/19  - We have a new logo, and will be getting some new merch that will be available soon.  We  have been steadfastly writing new material and preparing for recording,  Stay tuned for more info on that. 


2/28/19 - CEO has been Nominated for 4 awards at the 2019 Detroit Music Awards! 

2019 Detroit Music Awards Nominations Phase 2 -

Outstanding Rock/Pop Artist or Group - Crimson Eyed Orchestra 

Outstanding Album/EP - Crimson Eyed Orchestra / Wanderlodge

Outstanding Instrumentalist/Guitar - Robert Duncan

Outstanding Songwriter - Robert Duncan


2/9/19 - Robert lent a helping hand to fellow Detroit Rockers Bang Shifter, and recorded some guitar solos for their cover of the Fleetwood Mac song "Go Your Own Way." Bang Shifter is recruiting several Detroit Artists to guest on their new Album of classic cover songs.  


12/19/18 - We had a fun appearance on the Tattoo Music Lounge Show on Cave Radio (  We played a few songs live and had a couple of interview segments.  Check out our Facebook page for links to the podcast.


5/2/18 - We now have CEO branded t-shirts and shot glasses available at our live shows! Check out our photo gallery for pics. 


3/30/18 - Wanderlodge has been released on iTunes and Apple Music. It will hit the rest of the streaming universe tomorrow.


3/28/18 - New CEO EP Wanderlodge has been mastered and submitted for publication. It will be available for streaming and download next week in high definition on iTunes and Apple Music, and standard definition on Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, IHeartRadio, and many more. 


October 2017 - Behold! Detroit Rock Star Jess Zacharski from the Whoremones joined CEO to sing, play drums, percussion, piano, bass, guitar, and any other instruments we can find laying around.  Welcome aboard, Jess! 

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